22 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Currently Breaking Loose in France

22 Scenes That Prove All Hell Is Currently Breaking Loose in France

French police detained hundreds of people in Paris alone today as massive crowds of Yellow Vest protesters demonstrated across France during the fourth weekend of unrest.

A recent rise in France’s gasoline taxes set off a movement that is currently setting the country on fire. The tax increase brought the volatile political climate to its tipping point, causing French citizens donning yellow vests to fill the streets of Paris.

As the unrest grew in mid-November, concerned French people grabbed the one thing they all had access to – a yellow safety vest that is required to be in each and every automobile in the country in case of accident or breakdown. By wearing the vest in an emergency, the vehicle’s driver becomes instantly visible to those speeding by and a lot less likely to be run over. In the case of a national economic emergency, the vests appear to be of use in a similar fashion – wearers are suddenly visible as they demand not to be run over by the ruling class.

Despite the fact that the gas tax was suspended, the protests continue because they were hardly about the gas tax in the first place. Instead, French citizens are fed up with measures that benefit the rich at the expense of basically everyone else. Protesters, now known as the Yellow Vests or Yellow Jackets, have had enough with the hidden hands pulling the strings in France behind the scenes and they aren’t going to be quiet about it.

As Edward Bernays once said:

“The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habits and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country.”

Thanks to social media outlets like Facebook, the Yellow Vest movement has grown rapidly, possibly culminating today, also known as Act 4. In preparation, “89,000 police officers will be deployed on Saturday across the country amid fears of new riots at anti-government protests,” according to the AP.

Below are 22+ scenes from today that prove all hell is breaking loose across France and beyond:

“The police are the ones who kettled everyone in,” says Luke Rudkowski. “The police here are ones who have been initiating the violence.” – tear gassed, shot with rubber bullets, there’s nowhere to go

Protesters injured by tear gas canisters and flashballs are being treated at area hospitals:

Multiple social media accounts have reported one death during Act 4, but it has yet to be confirmed by authorities.

France’s Yellow Vests have inspired concerned citizens of other European countries to act as well. Yellow Vest social media accounts claiming to represent the people of Ireland, the Netherlands and beyond.

“The movement has given birth to a monster,” said Interior Minister Christophe Canaster of the Yellow Vests. “These past three weeks have produced a monster that its creators no longer control,” Canaster said on Friday.

Political revolution rarely involves voting for one of few options provided. Instead political revolution requires having the courage to dismantle the system by whatever means necessary. With 72% of French people supporting the Yellow Vest movement as of December 2nd, France is looking pretty courageous right now.