Girl Creates Video Of Each Time She Arrives At Her Grandad’s Home

Girl Creates Video Of Each Time She Arrives At Her Grandad's Home

If you’re looking for a story that’ll give you the warm and fuzzies, look no further – we’ve got a special one for you.

A student’s Twitter post has gone viral as it shows a compilation video of her grandpa Robert’s reaction every time she visits for dinner at his home in the coastal town of Methil.

It’s his reaction that’s really touching – without fail, the 87-year-old expresses utter delight at the sight of his granddaughter.

Jennifer Barclay from Scotland posted the footage on Friday with the caption: “My wee Grandad, 87 years young and he’s my no.1 guy. I love him with all my heart. And I love recording his reactions when I come to visit. I hope everyone can appreciate the video I’ve made as much as I do.”

We certainly do – the video’s already received nearly 10,000 retweets, as well as thousands of comments from people who were simply overwhelmed by the touching compilation.

Credit: Jen Barclay/Twitter
Credit: Jen Barclay/Twitter

One Twitter user wrote, “‘Hello, honeybun’. Says it all. He loves you. Over and over and over. Best thing ever,” while another added, “The last may have been the sweetest. I watched this with my 15-year-old daughter whose grandfathers died before and soon after her birth, and we were both so touched. What a lucky girl you are. Thank you for sharing.”

Credit: Twitter

Credit: Twitter

And what with Robert looking fresh each and every time he answered that door, of course the Internet had something to say about it.

“Grandad is such a snazzy dresser!!!” wrote a follower. Another simply said: “His sweater collection though”.

Jennifer followed up the video with a second tweet, stating: “No matter how many times I watch the video of my granddad opening the door, it brings a tear to my eye. So much love.”

I’m not crying, I’ve just got something in my eye… promise.

Credit: the.grandad.diaries/InstagramCredit: the.grandad.diaries/Instagram

The Daily Mail reports that Jennifer’s received such an overwhelming response to the video that she joked her grandpa had ‘broken the Internet’, and has even set up an Instagram account for her doting pops. Although the.grandad.diaries has only one post up so far, it’s a good’un and already he’s got over 800 followers.

The dude’s killing it and so he should – he is an absolute gem.